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Thousands of small crabs crawl around the 13 km. long virgin beach making it look like a simmering field of the red flower Mandar. Years ago the resemblance ignited the imagination of the locals. They named it Mandarboni. In course of time it has become Mandarmoni.

Not much has changed since then. Mandarmoni on the Bengal coast remains the very same bright and serene seaside, fanned by tropical breeze from the Bay of Bengal The only difference - it is now an exotic holiday destination with just the right accommoda- tion for you: The Sana Beach at Mandarmoni. A chic and sophisticated resort amidst swimming coastal trees. A cluster of beach Cottages and well crafted rooms enriched with ethnic motifs and artifacts. A 12 acre spread seaside boutique that understands your definition of leisure and concept of luxury.

Getting there

Just about three and half hours from Kolkata. After crossing the Vidyasagar Setu take the Kona Expressway and turn left on reaching the Mumbai Road. Move along and turn left at Kolaghat for the popularly known "Digha Route" to reach Chawalkhola. Take a left turn again and follow the metal road for about 8 kms. The road ends into a beauti- ful seaside village called "Dadon-Patro-Bar" You have reached the neighborhood of at The Sana Beach at Mandarmoni. Drive down straight to The Sana Beach.You may also opt for our car pick-up facilities from nearby points on prior intimation.

The Sana Beach at the Sana Beach has both rooms and cottages. The architectural characteristics are inspired by Hawa Mahal, the summer resort build by the Moghals at Rajasthan, known for natural cooling. Built with hallow bricks and furnished aesthetically, all rooms have attached bath with Air Conditioned system. Suites and Premium rooms, decorated with unique artwork artifacts, feature specious bedrooms, sitting areas and balcony with a view of the sea. Services and amenities in the rooms include a welcome beverage, telephone and daily housekeeping.

Shrimp Cocktail

The Multi Cuisine restaurant offers casual dining with lip smacking Indian, continental and Chinese food.
There are buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner; but feel free to go for a la carte menu or special dishes of crab and prawns. All seafood served is fresh from the sea.

Sourav - The Cafe

Located on top of a sand hill, the cafe offers fresh juices and mocktails with a soft breeze to cool down. Evenings we serve seafood under the palms. The view is a breathtaking sunsetting over the Bay of Bengal. Enjoy our baker's magic with a cup of pure Darjeeling tea.
Weather permitting torch-lit barbecues is also organized in the garden.

Dos and Don'ts

Walk a few steps into the sea. Watch little waves breaking at your feet. The Beach has a gentle slope making it very safe for swimming or sunbathing. Collect shells or play a game of volley. Enjoy the fresh and tasty green coconuts. Relax take a deep breath. Feel the oxygen reaching you.
But dont drive down the beach. That's forbidden. And so is plastic. Please don't carry any plastic packets if you are heading for the sana Beach. Leisure n Luxury care for the ecology of the serene seaside and has taken adequate measures to maintain the frail balance.

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